Ground Penetrating Radar – Scanning

What is Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning?

Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning is a non-destructive means to locate potential targets within concrete structures prior to cutting, coring or breaking. Some examples of the potential targets you may want to locate include reinforcement steel, conduits, pre/post tension cables, PVC, and wire mesh.

The way Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning works is similar to a fish finder. A fish finder is used to find the location and depths of fish within a body of water, although there is no way to determine the specific type of fish or its size. Same applies when it comes to scanning; the scanner sends RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) into a concrete slab or wall and bounces off any targets within the concrete. Whether the radar is reflecting off wire mesh, rebar, post tension, conduit, or any other metallic target there is no way to specifically determine what the Target is.

Each time the RADAR reflects off of a target, the scanner will display this data in real time. Our Ground Penetrating Radar trained employees look for patterns as well as anything that looks unusual in terms of depth, symmetry, or brightness of the reflection when analyzing the data.

Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning is not a “perfect science” but, it is an affordable alternative to X-raying which typically cost up to three times as much as Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning. X-raying has to be done when no one else is in the building and can’t be used on slabs on grade because access to both sides of the concrete structure is needed. Similar to taking an X-ray of your body the people performing the work also need special protection which is why no one can be in the building when this takes place.

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