Who Are the Concrete Barbers?

Litgen is the surname of Bill and George. Litgen Concrete Cutting & Coring Co. was originally established on February 26, 1979. Prior to that, they worked for the same construction company. At the time, Bill’s wife was pregnant with their fourth child. It was a tradition of his to grow a beard during each of his wife’s pregnancies. He was told by his boss to cut his beard or lose his job. He decided that he could find a job somewhere else. The following week George decided to quit his sales position. That same evening they decided they would lay it all on the line and start their own concrete cutting company.  A month later, Brent(now retired) decided to leave his position as a manager at a cutting company and become the third partner. That is how the Concrete Barbers were formed on March 14, 1979, and the company’s logo was established.

Bill and George both put themselves thru school by cutting concrete. Bill as a civil engineering major, and George as finance major. The first Barbershop they worked out of was a small garage and Bill’s basement. The first truck ever purchased was driven by George because that was his only mode of transportation. At that time, they were able to handle six jobs a day, morning and night. As they started to get busier, they then hired Mike O’Hara and Donny Ostby as concrete cutters. Donny Ostby continued to work in the field for 40 years as a core driller till the day he retired January 25th 2019.  The first salesman ever hired was Tom Gattas. He was part of the Chicago sales department at first, and then moved on to Managing the Wisconsin location. Tom recently retired after nearly 35 years of loyal service. He isn’t the only one either. Litgen has had many Concrete Barbers that have retired over the past few years after many years of service. All of the Concrete Barbers, past and present, have built Litgen Concrete Cutting & Coring Co. into the business it is today. It is the faithful and hard working employees that have enabled Litgen to be in business for 40 years now! We now have second generation employees working, including George Litgen II & Joseph Litgen. We would like to thank all of our employees and customers for making this dream possible. We understand that without all of you this wouldn’t be possible. We look forward to maintaining the cutting edge in our industry for years to come.

All of the Concrete Barbers desire to be the best concrete cutting company in the nation. We need and employ people that will uphold the family dream. We also know that without our loyal customers, we would never have made it to 40 YEARS! This is why we strive to provide the best service possible. In order to provide that service, we employ the most highly trained concrete cutters in the industry, along with purchasing and maintaining the latest and greatest concrete cutting equipment available. We even have our own in house mechanics that are constantly maintaining and even building some of this equipment in house. When you call into our office, you will be greeted by a person, not a machine that way you know your call is being handled with the Litgen care that all customers deserve and receive when they call the Concrete Barbers. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will travel the globe to wherever you need us. No job is too big, and certainly no job is too small. We will do everything possible to earn your trust in our family name. At the end of the day that is all we have left. We look forward to providing you the service you have come to except for years to come.


The Concrete Barbers

When you have concrete or other structural materials to be cut, call Litgen Concrete Cutting and Coring Company

No job too big or too small. We can get the job done correctly and efficiently at economical prices. We offer nationwide service and are happy to provide free estimates for all sizes and types of work. We have the experience, knowledge, expertise and the most modern cutting equipment to perform any cutting service you may require. We also sell a complete line of top quality concrete cutting equipment.

We at Litgen Concrete Cutting & Coring Company, want to earn your business.

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